Core expertise in the field of automation touched by humanity

Our two strong pillars consist of professional automation services and street lighting control systems.

We offer high quality expertise for several industries including power generation industry, control systems for infrastructure, marine control systems, programmable logic controllers for drilling aggregates in uranium mines, installation and rehabilitation projects. - For example we act as a professional partner in the export companies' projects where they need strong automation expertise. A good example can be anything from a power plant introduction to control system guidance.

Another strong area of expertise is street lighting control systems. - We represent the products of the French head of Edelcom in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Baltic States, Singapore, Thailand and the Middle East.

Our goal is that the projects are human which means that the automation will serve users the best possible way. Usually in the street light control system projects, the project owner is a government agency or another public authority. In different countries, we may be dealing with Members of Parliament or with other authorities, at which time our job is also to promote energy conservation measures.